Lincei, Antonio Feltrinelli Prize to the historian Vincenzo Ferrone


Rome, 25 July (askanews) – Vincenzo Ferrone, full professor of modern history at the Department of Historical Studies, won the Antonio Feltrinelli prize awarded by the Accademia dei Lincei. “Our entire scientific community – together the Rector of the University of Turin Stefano Geuna and the Prorectress Giulia Carluccio – congratulates Enzo for the extraordinary result that rewards excellence in research and the intensity of academic commitment that the colleague always has expressed and expresses: a result that honors our entire community and that this community feels precisely as evidence of the work of excellence that we know how to express “.

The award was born from the will of Antonio Feltrinelli (1887-1942), a figure of considerable importance in the Italian economic and financial field. When, after the brothers’ death, he remains alone, he decides to dispose of his personal fortune to found a great Italian cultural institution “on the type of the Nobel Foundation”. Therefore, in the will published in 1942 it provides that an inalienable and perpetual fund is set up to “reward work, study, intelligence, in short, those men who are most distinguished in high works, in the arts, in the sciences, since they are the true benefactors of one’s country and humanity “. (Continued)


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