Louisa Janssen: ‘I do cosmetic procedures out of uncertainty’


Louisa is now a regular customer of Doctor Babak, who ensures that Louisa looks even better every time. Louisa recently had a wire lift done. “That’s to tighten my cheeks,” she tells RTL Boulevard. The reality star previously underwent several other surgeries. “I had my lips sprayed nine times, I put fillers in my cheeks three times,” she says. “And then about sixteen times botox and also a nose correction.” Because she wanted to make it smaller.

To make the fat in her belly less, Louisa had a liposuction done. That fat was then not thrown away, but moved to her hips and buttocks. “So that I get more feminine shapes,” explains Louisa.

And that is also why Louisa is so often on the operating table. “I do it, because I’m quite insecure about my appearance. I always have the feeling that I look a bit masculine to other people. That’s why I do those surgeries to soften my appearance.” And her environment finds it brave that Louisa lets all this do. “They also say it all looks pretty natural.”

Her great love Rowan thinks the interventions are unnecessary. “But you don’t listen to me,” he says. And yet the blood creeps in him where it cannot go. “Rowan wants a small shot of Botox between his eyebrows,” says Louisa. “And he wants to get some fat sucked away from his stomach.” The couple will return to Turkey soon for this treatment. “I have already planned my next treatment.”

Two and a half years ago, Louisa and Rowan received the greatest gift of their lives: Mikai. And their little boy is also doing very well. “He runs, he climbs, he jumps. We thoroughly enjoy our little boy.”

And soon the couple will also be seen on television again, on TLC. There the two have a major role in the program First Aid For Brushing. In this new show, Louisa and Rowan visit people’s homes to clean things up. “We have always done reality, but this is more fun to do. Now we are really working somewhere.” The most filthy thing the couple encountered was maggots in a refrigerator. “We then pulled it out and I set up the high-pressure sprayer there.”

First Aid For Brushing can be seen on TLC from July 23.

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