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By: Tim Koster
GOES – The GGD Zeeland has announced that the number of positive Corona tests has increased again since last Friday. More than 25 new infections have now been detected. According to the GGD Zeeland, this mainly concerns young adults.

The GGD Zeeland has indicated that it is actively conducting source and contact research, in which contacts of confirmed patients are easily tested. The GGD Zeeland reports that the majority consists of young adults. It is not yet known whether it concerns one or more clusters. This means that the source and contact research has yet to show whether the increase in the number of infections can be traced to one or more people.

“The increase in the number of infections in Goes is mainly caused by young adults. This group often has only mild complaints, as a result of which they are insufficiently aware that they can infect the elderly and the weak, who are at risk of hospital admission, ‘says the GGD Zeeland. The GGD Zeeland therefore calls on all young people with Corona-related complaints to stay at home and have themselves tested.

Questions about the Coronavirus?
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Hatsjoe (14-7-2020 at 17:43)
How nice that the tourists are back !! Good for the entrepreneur;) Enjoy this ..
Solution # 1 (7/14/2020 at 5:10 PM)
Be ready me, Anyone who has it or has been in contact, or even in the neighborhood, just lock up for a month. And not of that voluntary “I don’t enjoy it and drink in the city” but with an ankle strap or else in an empty prison. That feeble weak mollusk thing of that government does more damage to health and economy than we would like. So lock up the sick people and not the healthy ones.
L. Eugen (14-7-2020 at 17:05)
Nonsense, young adults cannot get rutte or are not contagious. So someone is lying here …

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