Out for the LoL World Cup? China cancels sporting events


The whole world is still overshadowed by the corona threat. China has now announced that it will cancel all major sporting events in 2020. There should only be a few exceptions. How and whether the League of Legends Season 10 World Championship takes place is currently still unclear.

A few days ago, Riot’s parent company Tencent confirmed that the World Cup would be held as planned. The two contradicting statements pose many questions for LoL fans. There are no definitive answers yet. Is League of Legends affected at all? Is eSports considered a sport by the Chinese government? Can Tencent use its considerable influence to find a way for the event?

Many options, no certainty

Riot and Tencent currently have many options. The worst would of course be to cancel or postpone the World Cup. Various rumors are circulating in the scene. One of the most plausible options would be to move the World Cup to South Korea and hold it online. It would also be possible to use the LEC infrastructure and hold the event in Europe. Both South Korea and the LEC have useful ping values ​​and would enable an online tournament.

Another option would be to host Worlds 2020 in a bubble format, as has already been successfully done in traditional sports. For example in the NBA. In bubble format, you want to limit contact with people from outside to prevent the spread and infection with the virus. Therefore, the 24 participating teams would have to arrive weeks before the appointment, be tested and go into quarantine. In addition, one would have to refrain from plans to host the games in six Chinese cities.

Of course, especially in the year of the tenth anniversary of the MOBA battleship League of Legends, the World Cup is reluctant to be missed. So far, there has been no statement from Riot on the subject.


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