Plant for the replacement of the waters of Lake Varese restarted


Milan, 11 July (askanews) – after the test run last month, the hypolimnic sampling plant of Lake Varese was officially reactivated, an instrument designed to reduce the time needed to clean up the basin. It had stopped since 2003 due to the bad smells it caused, but now a technical solution should have been adopted to avoid them. equipped with a new electrical panel and remote operation control.

“We want to make our lake more and more usable – commented the councilor of the Lombardy Region for the Environment and Climate, Raffaele Cattaneo – and we are responding effectively to extemporaneous emergencies, such as the algae bloom that affected the gulf where the Brabbia channel in recent days, but also to emergencies related to illegal discharges, through sewer surveys and the identification of out-of-standard spills “.

Among other things, the feasibility analysis for the development of the lake’s electric navigation continues and the Municipality of Varese aims to find an operator who takes on the burden of activating the tourist service in 2021. The installation of a valve for the withdrawal of the surface waters of the lake it allows to mix them with the deep ones and decrease the concentrations of the substances that could cause bad smells.

weekly system discharge monitoring is envisaged, to highlight any critical issues and evaluate their effectiveness. In order to ensure energy savings for the functioning of the hypolimnic sampling system, the design of a photovoltaic system was started and will be installed in the Municipality of Biandronno within the first months of 2021.


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