postpone VAT payments at least until 16 October


Rome, July 15 (askanews) – “Five days after the maxi tax deadline of 20 July, the government has not yet provided the long-awaited answer: the postponement of the payments resulting from the tax returns, VAT and Irap, as already requested in the days past from the CNA. Craftsmen and small entrepreneurs are fed up, “says the CNA in a note.

“The overwhelming majority of those who carry out economic activities for which the summary sustainability indices have been approved or who are in a flat-rate or advantageous regime report very serious difficulties in fulfilling the correct liquidation of the taxes due. To create these difficulties not only are the understandable liquidity problems but also the delays in determining the amounts to be paid up accumulated in the period in which the management of the emergency-related measures was at the top of the entrepreneurs’ thoughts. The Government should not lose even a minute to enact this measure of common sense postponing the payments at least until October 16 – concludes the CNA – thus avoiding the overcrowding of tax obligations already foreseen in September “.


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