Sales at Renault collapse


Boulogne-Billancourt (dpa) – Due to the Corona crisis, sales of the French car company Renault in the first half of the year plunged by 34.9 percent.

Around 1.26 million vehicles were sold from January to the end of June, the manufacturer announced in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris.

In Europe, the decline was above average by 41.8 percent to around 624,000 vehicles. Sales picked up again in June. The most important markets worldwide for Renault and its subsidiaries are France, Russia and Germany.

Renault has had financial difficulties in recent months. The group can now avail itself of a state-guaranteed loan of up to five billion euros. Italian car manager Luca de Meo has been the new general manager since the beginning of the month. A strategy plan is expected from the former Seat boss in France. The company had already announced that around 15,000 jobs would be cut in a socially responsible manner in order to come out of the crisis again.


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