School, Azzolina: “September 14th will reopen”


“The hustle and bustle will reopen on September 14, families must be calm and avoid hearing the Salvini’s alarm bells on duty.” Education Minister Lucia Azzolina said, speaking at ‘In Onda’.

“Buying new benches is the best way we have to gain space,” says the minister, adding that “the benches are true that we need to space but one day also to get closer: they are designed for educational innovation”. The benches “are also used for the future, not only for the present”, he concluded by adding: “it is an investment”.

“Measurement of fever and temperature as a precaution must be done at home,” says Azzolina, answering a question about the possibility of measuring temperature for students at school. And he then called to “an assumption of responsibility” by parents who know they have to “measure the temperature first, to avoid infecting them later”.

“Sanitization is done if there is a case of Covid, otherwise there is normal sanitation”, the minister said again specifying: “We will have soaps, sanitizers, but sanitization is done in Covid cases”, he specified .

“The task of the leaders is to tell us the needs in terms of furnishings” or “classrooms”, said Azzolina, explaining that precisely on the spaces, work is underway between the ministry and local authorities that own the school buildings.

“No distancing is foreseen in the guidelines for kindergarten children, it is written that there must be small groups”, the minister explained, underlining that the Ministry of Health “did not give a numerical report”, but “it is clear that it takes more teachers. ”

“I made a request to the Ministry of Economy and Finance to hire up to 80,000 teachers, both support and non-support: the ministry should shortly give us an answer,” he said.


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