Scientist discovers place of origin of last Van Gogh painting


Experts from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam supported van der Veen’s thesis. They explained that it was “an interpretation, but it looks as if it is actually true”.

The Dutch artist had been working on the picture “Tree Roots” near Auvers-sur-Oise on a hot July day in 1890 when he appeared wounded in the village restaurant a short time later and died shortly thereafter.

“Discovering the place where Van Gogh painted his last and most mysterious work is a dream,” said van der Veen. Because of the way the light falls into the painting, the picture was painted in the late afternoon. This would refute theories that the painter did not kill himself, but died in an accident.

For van der Veen it is clear that the “tree roots” are “a farewell letter” from Van Gogh. Suicide was “an option” for the painter the year before his death. “The thicket of roots was a symbol of the struggles of life,” added van der Veen. Van Gogh’s anniversary of death is on July 29th for the 130th time.


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