Siemens makes home office possible for 140,000 employees


Munich (dpa) – Siemens wants to continue to rely heavily on mobile work after the pandemic. A management board decision should make it standard within the group that more than half of the employees will no longer have to go to the office or the plant two to three days a week, as Siemens announced.

«We saw how productive and effective mobile working can be. Some prejudices have vanished into thin air, ”says Jochen Wallisch, a leading manager in the global human resources department at Siemens.

However, there is no hard claim to the home office. Both the employee and their manager have to agree. The management wants to support the cultural change. The designated Siemens boss Roland Busch emphasizes that the basis of the model is «a further development of our corporate culture. Another management style that is based on results is associated with this, not on the presence in the office. »

Wallisch expects keen interest: “We assume that the offer will be widely accepted and used,” he says. “The majority of employees generally welcome two to three days of mobile work per week – across all countries.” 140,000 employees worldwide are expected to benefit from the decision, including around 45,000 in Germany. The new Siemens Group has a total of around 240,000 employees – without counting off the split off Siemens Energy.

However, the employees also have a say in the implementation, as she emphasizes. “We are fundamentally open to the concept,” it says from there. «But there are many aspects that we still have to talk about intensively. For example, we talked about ergonomic workplaces for years, so it cannot be that in the future you will be working on a small laptop on the kitchen table. »

In the Corona crisis, many companies had to expand their home office and other mobile work opportunities. Surveys indicate that this flexibility should often survive the crisis. 54 percent of 7,300 companies surveyed told the Ifo Institute that they expect a permanent increase in their home office.


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