The Parliament will file a complaint for espionage of Torrent and Maragall


Barcelona, ​​Jul 28 (EFE) .- The Parliamentary Table has agreed on Tuesday to file a complaint for the espionage to which the president of the chamber, Roger Torrent, and the ERC deputy Ernest Maragall were subjected.

The complaint will be filed in order to investigate “the computer attack” that both deputies suffered when spyware that can only be acquired by governments was introduced into their mobile phones.

The text of the complaint explains the investigation carried out by the international security company Citizen Lab, hired by WhatsApp to verify the attacks suffered by some users around the world, taking advantage of an application vulnerability that has already been corrected.

This investigation, which was published jointly by the newspapers The Guardian and El País, reveals that Torrent and Maragall were victims of the Pegasus spy program during the months of April and May 2019.

In the Parliament’s complaint, it is stated that the aforementioned deputies suffered “an illegitimate intrusion” on their phones and that this “violated their privacy”, which may constitute a crime provided for in article 197 of the Penal Code.

According to it is affirmed, the espionage in the mobile telephones could have “compromised the security of the communications of the Parliament of Catalonia, and also have violated the right to privacy of” third parties “.

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