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Have you just bought a new Apple Watch and want to know what you can do with it? In this beginner’s guide you will read everything you need to know about your smart watch.

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An Apple Watch is an enrichment for your iPhone. The smart watch makes it even easier to perform functions. You can take photos via your Watch, pay with Apple Pay and, for example, set your alarm clock on your watch. Curious how it all works? In this article, you can read how to get the most out of your Apple Watch.

1. Pair the Apple Watch

After purchasing an Apple Watch, you can install it and pair it with your iPhone. First download the Watch app in the App Store. You can do this via the link below.

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Once the app is downloaded, open it on your iPhone and follow the steps to pair your brand new Watch. You can choose to pair it automatically by placing your Watch in the indicated frame with your iPhone camera. Once it is recognized, your Watch is paired. Make sure there is enough ambient light.

If that doesn’t work, you can also choose to pair the Watch manually by tapping ‘Pair the Watch manually’. Then tap the ‘i’ symbol on your Watch to see the name. Then on your iPhone, tap the name of your Apple Watch in the list. A code will appear on your Apple Watch, which you can then enter in the Watch app.

Apple Watch

2. Set up Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch is paired, you can set it up. Setup is also done via your iPhone. In the Watch app you can pass on all your preferences, such as on which wrist you wear the Apple Watch and on which side you place the crown. By setting an access code, you ensure that no one else can just look into your watch.

Do you have multiple iPhones, for example one for work and one for private use? Since it is a personal device, it is not quite the intention to connect your Watch to multiple iPhones. However, it is possible via a detour.

3. Download apps

Once your Apple Watch is paired and set up, you can start downloading apps. You do this in the same way as you are used to from your iPhone via the App Store. To do this, tap the App Store icon on your Apple Watch and search for the desired apps.

Still not sure what you would like to download? You can also check the App Store in the Watch app on your iPhone. Here you see all apps that are supported for watchOS, the Apple Watch system.

Apple Watch Series 5

4. Enlarge and organize app icons

The small screen of the Apple Watch makes it difficult for some people to operate the smart watch or read text on it. Fortunately, you can enlarge the icons and the text a bit.

To do this, go to the Settings app (the gear) on your Apple Watch. Go to General, tap on ‘Accessibility’ and turn the switch to green behind ‘Reduce movement’. The app icons are all the same size now.

Don’t like the grid of app icons? Then you can also see them in a list view. To do this, open the app overview and long press the screen of the Apple Watch. Then choose the option ‘List view’.

Do you want to decide where your apps are? You can do that just as you would on your iPhone. Press and hold your finger on an app icon. It starts to move, after which you can drag it to the right place. The most convenient is to do this via the Watch app on your iPhone, but it is also possible on your Watch. You can also delete apps in the same place.

Apple Watch homescreen

5. Enlarge text

Do you not have such good eyes and do you want to be able to read the small print on the Watch without glasses or lenses? Then it is useful to also enlarge the text. To do this, go to Settings and choose ‘Display and Brightness’. Tap Text Size and move the bar at the bottom of the screen to choose the correct size. It is also possible to make the text bold.

In addition, it is possible to zoom in on text as far as necessary. You must activate this mode first. You do that again via the Settings app. Tap General and choose ‘Accessibility’. Tap on ‘Zoom’ and turn the switch to green to activate the function.

6. Find your iPhone

It happens to us almost every day that you don’t remember where you left your iPhone. With the Apple Watch, you no longer have to turn your entire house upside down. The Watch has a very handy function to find your iPhone in no time.

You can have your iPhone make a sound via your Watch, so that you only have to follow this tone. It’s really easy: Swipe up to open the control panel and tap the iPhone icon with curves on both sides. Your iPhone is now making a loud noise to let you know where it is. Don’t you have such good ears? Then you can also make your iPhone light. Press the iPhone icon with the arrows a little longer.

apple watch sued

7. Take a photo using your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch does not (yet) have a camera, but your iPhone does. You can take a photo with your iPhone’s camera via your Apple Watch. This is an ideal function when you want to correct the light remotely, or take a group photo without having to walk to your phone all the time.

  1. To do this, open the Camera app on your Apple Watch;
  2. You will now see your iPhone screen on your watch;
  3. Put your iPhone in the right place;
  4. Go to the desired position yourself and check via your Watch whether the photo looks good;
  5. Tap the shutter button on your Apple Watch to take the photo.

8. Take a screenshot

Want to take a screenshot of your Apple Watch? This is very easy by simultaneously pressing the wheel and the button on the side of the Watch. The screenshot is then in your Photos app on your iPhone.

9. Set an alarm clock

Do you keep your Apple Watch on while sleeping? Then there are even more functions that you can use. This way you can also set an alarm clock on your watch. You do this as follows.

  1. Open the Alarm clock app on your Apple Watch, which can be recognized by the clock icon;
  2. Tap on ‘New alarm clock’;
  3. Indicate what time you want to be awakened by turning the Digital Crown;
  4. Tap the switch to turn on the alarm.
alarm clock apple watch

Would you like to snooze? Then set via ‘Wake-up time’ that the alarm will repeat every five minutes, for example. You snooze by pressing the crown in the morning when the alarm goes off. If you are just an early riser, you can switch this function off completely. You do this by tapping the relevant alarm clock in your Watch and turning off the switch behind ‘Snooze’.

10. Pay with your Apple Watch

It is possible – just like with your iPhone – to pay with your Apple Watch via Apple Pay. For this you must first link your debit card to your watch. That is how it works:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on ‘My Watch’;
  2. Kies ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’;
  3. Follow the onscreen steps to add a pass;
  4. At a certain point, the bank checks whether you are only eligible for Apple Pay;
  5. After approval, your Apple Watch is ready for Apple Pay.

If you have linked a debit card to your Apple Watch, paying with Apple Pay works almost the same as on the iPhone. Press the side button of the Apple Watch twice and hold it above a payment terminal. You will feel a short tap on your wrist when the payment is successful.

Apple Pay

11. Receive WhatsApp notifications

Unfortunately, there is no official WhatsApp app for the Watch yet, but it is possible to read incoming messages via your watch. To receive WhatsApp notifications, you must first activate it in the Watch app. Tap ‘Notifications’ in the app and turn on the switch behind WhatsApp.

Can’t you see this switch? Then first delete WhatsApp from your iPhone and reinstall the app. Don’t forget to backup your conversation history beforehand. Due to this hard reset, you should see the switch in the Watch app. You will then also see incoming WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch.

It is not possible to type an entire message on your Watch. However, you can send a quick standard answer or reply with emoji. If you want to send a longer answer, you can dictate an answer by tapping the microphone.

More Apple Watch features

Do you want to know more about the Apple Watch? On iPhoned you will read many useful tips about your smart watch. For example, we explain how to make a heart movie or how to unlock your Mac with an Apple Watch.

Soon there will be new useful functions with the arrival of watchOS 7. You can use a sleep tracker to keep track of your sleep and dance workouts will be added. In the video below we will go through what we can expect.

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