US actress Naya Rivera found dead in lake


According to Ayub, the four-year-old told investigators that he and his mother had been swimming in the lake. His mother helped him back in the boat. When he looked back, he saw her “disappear below the surface of the water”.

The chief of police named the strong currents in the lake as a possible cause of Rivera’s death. The floating boat may have drifted away while she was in the water with her son. After that, she probably still had the strength to bring her son back to the boat and pry up there – but not enough strength “to save himself”.

Rivera had been searched with a large contingent of around a hundred security and emergency services employees. Patrol boats, helicopters and divers were on duty. Sound meter was also used, said Ayub. The search was made difficult by the low visibility of only 30 centimeters under water. The lake was closed to the public.

“Glee” and the mysterious curse of death

Rivera is best known for her role as high school cheerleader Santana Lopez, which she played in all six seasons of the hit series “Glee”. She was divorced from her child’s father, actor Ryan Dorsey, in 2018. According to information from the website “TMZ”, which specializes in celebrity news, the two shared custody.

There have been other deaths in the former crew of the “Glee” series, which ended in 2015. Actor Mark Salling committed suicide in 2018 – a few weeks before the expected sentence for child pornography. The actor Cory Monteith died in 2013 from an overdose of drugs and alcohol.


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