why they will exhume the remains of the former Paraguayan president in Brazil


The Superior Court of Justice of Brazil (STJ) ordered the exhumation of Alfredo Stroessner, the former president who ruled Paraguay with an iron hand for more than three decades and who is buried in a cemetery in Brasilia.

Enrique Alfredo Fleitas claims to be one of the three children that Stroessner allegedly had with his lover and claims an inheritance valued at $ 20 million.

The Brazilian authorities have not yet ruled on the decision of the court of law.

Who was Alfredo Stroessner

The son of a German immigrant and a Paraguayan peasant, he was named Commander-in-Chief of the Paraguayan Armed Forces in 1951, at just 39 years old.

The Paraguayan Truth and Justice Commission determined that some 20,000 people were tortured and 423 “disappeared” during the Stroessner regime.

Two years later, he came to power after a military coup and remained in it through unconstitutional changes and fraudulent elections until he himself was overthrown in 1989.

After his fall, Stroessner went into exile in Brazil, where he lived until his death in 2006, at 93 years of age.

The lover

Journalistic investigators have written about alleged extramarital love affairs that Stroessner had with various women during his years in power.

According to Fleitas, Stroessner was willing to “drop everything” to go with her.

According to the woman told the Paraguayan television program “La Caja Negra”, in 2016, the romance began in the 70s, when she met him through an uncle of hers. “We walked around the center. He really conquered me and we spent hours talking,” he explained to the program.

Alfredo Stroessner died in Brazil in 1989, where he is buried.

The Brasilia Court of Justice ordered the exhumation, after the legitimate daughter of Stroessner Graciela Concepción Stroessner Mora, 74, the only living heir, granted the permit.

Some critics point out, however, that Stroessner’s accumulated fortune was the result of the theft of the Paraguayan state and should return to its true owners.

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