“You put yourself above the institution”


One of the most discussed topics in “Bem, Amigos!” this Monday, the 20th, was the departure of coach Jorge Jesus for Benfica. Galvão Bueno and the idol of Flamengo and now a commentator, Júnior, questioned some Portuguese attitudes while he was at the head of Rubro-Negro.

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“Some things bothered me when he said, for example, when he arrived that Flamengo hadn’t won anything in a long time. Perhaps he knew part of the story. Was it a way, suddenly, to value his work more? But I didn’t even need to because everyone was delighted ”, asked the ex-player and continued.

“Another thing, why mention that Fluminense joined the Fla x Flu recently to lose a little? Aren’t you devaluing your colleague, the professional on the other side? In some situations he has always placed himself above the institution. These questions, I who lived my whole life in there, I never heard from any coach. The biggest star of the club of all times has always put himself in a humble way, he was always grateful to the institution, in short … Certain points bothered me ”, said the commentator.

At that moment, Galvão fully agreed with the colleague’s thought: “It also bothered me, at certain times he put himself above,” said the narrator. He also made a point of praising the trajectory of Jesus, who won five titles in just over a year at Flamengo, but made a reservation.

“Fantastic work, will it be missed? Much missed! Did the board of Flamengo give a little silly? He gave! And that he didn’t come out very nice, in my humble opinion, he didn’t, but Flamengo remains the great team of South America at that moment. He used to make an overvaluation, because these teams that he mentioned, he never worked in any. He has titles in Portugal, so take it easy, ”pinned Galvão.

The teams to which the speaker refers are the five largest in Europe. In several statements, Jorge Jesus stated that he would only leave the command of Flamengo if he received a proposal from these clubs, which is not the case with Benfica, according to Galvão. In his opinion, Mister did not fulfill a moral promise he made to locals.

“The only thing that bothers me about his attitude is: who remembers him saying,“ I go out to clubs that fit on the fingers of one hand ”? In other words, they would be the five largest, of great prominence, an entire right that he has. With all due respect to Benfica, I don’t think Benfica is one of those fingers of one hand. They change constantly, but you stay in England, you have Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich (Germany) … It wouldn’t be the case with Benfica. He made a promise in quotes, made a moral commitment to the direction, to the club, and for me he ended up not fulfilling ”, he concluded.

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