13 people arrested and one reported -4-


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – The agents of the Romanina police station arrested ZB, a 41-year-old Italian, who during a service aimed at combating the canteen, was noticed on board his scooter as he approached the driver of a car giving him some substance in exchange of money. Immediately stopped, he was found wearing 30 euros and 0.10 grams of cocaine while inside his apartment 3 grams of cocaine and 310 euros in cash were found. The agents of the Flying Section arrested VD who, after being stopped because he was driving the wrong way, 11 grams of cocaine, 1 gram of hashish were found on board, while, following a house search, 0.7 grams of hashish and € 2,300 in small denominations.

Also the police officers of the Volanti arrested a 21-year-old Gambian citizen BS, who was found in possession of 1 gram of cocaine and 3.7 grams of marijuana. The agents of the San Basilio police station, denounced a 36-year-old Italian in a state of freedom, who spontaneously delivered 1.3 grams of cocaine to the agents following a check while 40 euros in cash were found following a search.


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