21.1 million Italians on holiday in August -2-


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – Italy this year is by far the favorite destination which – continues Coldiretti – is chosen as a destination by 93% compared to 86% last year. A significant increase to compensate for the heavy loss of foreign presences which are practically eliminated from outside Europe but very rare – points out Coldiretti – Community tourists are also held back by the recovery of the infections in their country, from Germany to France, from Great Britain to Spain.

The novelty of this summer also lies in the fact that – underlines Coldiretti – 1 in 4 Italians (25%) has chosen a destination near their home, within their region of residence. If the beach – explains Coldiretti – remains the preferred destination, it keeps mountain tourism and proximity tourism with the rediscovery of small villages and smaller towns in the Italian countryside, as an alternative to the most popular tourist destinations, while presences in cities collapse. The majority of Italians traveling – Coldiretti continues – have chosen to reopen the second owned houses, or to stay in those of relatives and friends or for rent, but in the ranking of preferences there are also campsites with very campervans in order popular while hotels are suffering. (Continued)


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