25 years of an administrative decline that changed the League


On August 1, 1995, that is to say 25 years ago, Spanish football experienced an episode that changed its history forever. Sevilla and Celtic they were administratively relegated to Second B as they did not receive on time the budget guarantee of their accounts. The guarantees were 85 million pesetas (half a million euros) in Hispanics and 45 ‘kilos’ (about 270,000 euros) in light blue.

It was then that thousands of fans from both teams literally took to the streets to protest the move and defend the interests of their teams.

After 16 days of suffering among fans of historical entities, the League Assembly formed by the presidents of professional clubs, atoned for the blame for “Sevilla” and “Celtism” to return them to the highest division.

This made Albacete and Valladolid, who had already dropped to Second due to sports demerits, claim and the LFP had to make a Solomonic decision by forming a League of 22 teams.

Coincidence or not, now something similar happens with Deportivo and Numancia clinging to the permanence in Second by the Fuenlabrada Case, a team that did not play its match in Coruña due to the multiple positives for COVID-19, being the only match of the day without dispute. At the moment the Competition Committee keeps the game in the air And just 25 years later, another decision is keeping the hearts of two cities and tens of thousands of fans who do not know if they ended up in a dream or a nightmare.


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