2nd league: Pauli publishes position paper


Second division club FC St. Pauli has published a 16-page position paper under the name “Another football is possible – reform German professional football”. The Hamburgers demand a fairer distribution of the TV money and want to face the boredom.

“The corona crisis has clearly exposed the weaknesses of the professional football system. To put it in the language of the marketers, the use of the product runs the risk of sustainably damaging its revenue potential due to the continuing unattractiveness of national competition,” said Pauli President Oke Göttlich to.

The 44-year-old addressed the boredom in the Bundesliga, the economic difficulties of some clubs and turning away fans. A really fair competition can only be achieved through strong competition, it says in the position paper.

And further: “Unlike in the real economy, where competition stimulates business, there can be no business in football without competition.”

St. Pauli calls for a fairer distribution of TV money

St. Pauli therefore demands a fairer distribution of TV money. In the coming season, FC Bayern will receive 70.64 million euros, while Arminia Bielefeld, for example, will only receive 29.8 million euros. St. Pauli is a second division club with 11.51 million euros.

“This makes it almost impossible for newcomers to establish themselves in the Bundesliga,” wrote the “Kiez-Kicker”.

TV funds from abroad are distributed even more unevenly. While the distribution of money from Germany is 3.8 times the difference from the first to the last in the league, the money from abroad is 13 times.

St. Pauli with side blow against FC Bayern and BVB

“No club stands above the whole. With this awareness, the DFL must also face the big players and not blackmail itself with fantasies such as a Super League of any kind,” it continues. Of course, this means above all FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund.

With his letter, St. Pauli has already positioned himself for the DFL video channel on the subject of TV money distribution keys, which is to take place in the coming weeks.

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