3 significant hydrogen news from the Nel share, McPhy Energy share and Shell share


Many hydrogen stocks have risen sharply over the past weeks and months, so a clear correction would only be normal. Regardless of this, the industry is constantly evolving. Almost every week new positive messages are announced. And more and more companies like that McPhy Energy (WKN: A1XFA8) shares are slowly joining the sector.

1. Nel receives support from the United States

Nel (WKN: A0B733) is a long-observed hydrogen value that was able to report positive news again this week (31.07.2020). For example, subsidiary Nel Hydrogen US, also known as Proton Energy Systems, received a $ 4.4 million grant from the United States Department of Energy (specifically, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office) to help To make production by electrolysis cheaper in the future.

Through a collaboration between Nel and the American Department of Energy, higher efficiency is to be quickly achieved and the production costs of the components will be reduced. “This project enables us to continuously advance our technology strategy to lower the cost of proton exchange membrane electrolysis,” said Nel Hydrogen’s Vice President for Research and Development, Kathy Ayers.

The USA has long since discovered hydrogen as an important source of energy and is now trying to transform the area into a multi-billion dollar market via the H2 @ Scale project.

2. McPhy Energy is building two hydrogen filling stations

The French McPhy Energy is building hydrogen filling stations, among other things. The city of Dijon (France) has now decided on two of them, each with a daily capacity of 400 kg of hydrogen. To promote the infrastructure, Dijon and Rougeot Energie founded a project company called Dijon Métropole Smart EnergHy.

The two petrol stations will initially operate 27 buses, nine garbage trucks and 15 light vehicles. However, they are only the beginning, because by 2030 a total of 200 buses, 50 garbage trucks and 250 other vehicles are to be filled. The required hydrogen is obtained locally from 10% from renewable energies and 90% from electricity from the local waste incineration plant.

“Our stations will make it possible to supply the entire hydrogen mobility in the region: buses, garbage trucks, commercial and private vehicles. We are more convinced than ever that hydrogen will play a crucial role in the fight against air pollution and climate change, ”said McPhy Energys CEO Laurent Carme.

3. Shell builds offshore wind farm for hydrogen production

With its coastal location and ports, the Netherlands could become an important hub for the hydrogen industry in the future. The construction of large offshore wind farms is planned here in order to produce green hydrogen in the future.

Royal Dutch Shell (WKN: A0D94M) and the Dutch renewable energy company Eneco have now won a tender for the construction and operation of a North Sea wind farm. Shell relies on hydrogen and therefore wants to produce hydrogen in the port of Rotterdam using wind energy.

The wind farm is scheduled to start operating in 2023 and will have a capacity of 759 megawatts. The Netherlands plans to build wind farms for hydrogen production with a capacity of 3 to 4 gigawatts by 2030 and up to 10 gigawatts by 2040.

“This wind farm is a crucial part of a new value chain – from wind to hydrogen – with our ambition to build green hydrogen production in Rotterdam together with NortH2”, says the managing director of Shell Integrated Gas & New Energies Maarten Wetselaar.

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