33 crew members tested positive on a boat in Norway


The coronavirus also strikes beyond the Arctic Circle. At least thirty-three crew members confined to a boat owned by the Norwegian company Hurtigruten, a specialist in expedition cruises, have tested positive for the new coronavirus, the company said on Saturday. Of the 158 members on board the MS Roald Amundsen, “33 have tested positive for Covid-19, while 120 have tested negative”, Hurtigruten explained in a statement. Five people must be tested again.

On Friday, four of the ship’s personnel had already tested positive for the virus and have since been hospitalized. It is “Foreign nationals”, according to the hospital.

Symptoms that left “no reason to suspect Covid-19”

Arrived the same morning at the port of Tromsø (north) from the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, the crew of the MS Roald Amundsen was placed in quarantine on board the ship, after four members of staff “were isolated several days ago due to other symptoms of illness, without symptoms related to Covid-19”, The company explained in a statement Friday. “There was no reason to suspect Covid-19 when the ship docked in Tromsø due to the symptoms that[ils] presented “, she continued.

The ship had (…)

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