“75% positive are Italians infected by other Italians”


“Today we are experiencing the expected difficulty of living with Covid, but I think most Italians continue to have a great sense of responsibility”. This was stated by the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia who, interviewed by the Corriere della Sera, denies that the executive aims more at economic recovery than collective health.

“If there is one thing that everyone recognizes to the Italian government – he underlines – rigor and prudence. The crisis of the USA and Latin America shows that without health and life there is no economy and business. If 10% of Italians even deny the virus, 90% respect the rules. Fortunately, the country is a model in the world, as the latest data confirm. ”

And does Conte do well to criticize the “denialist attitudes” of the League leader? “Sure! Salvini denies the health emergency and tries to bring the country back to its climate of hatred and anger on security and immigration, but we are in another phase of history”.

“75% of the positives-remember- are Italian, infected by other Italians. We pass from the parties without rules, to the irresponsible entrepreneur who, returning from abroad, went around with the symptoms. As for the positive foreigners saved at sea , they are all subjected to tests and swabs and many of them restart immediately. I don’t think the theme “.

Boccia points out some data: “1,500 positives in Spain, 1,300 in France, 950 in Germany and 295 in Italy. These numbers, which are due to the measures taken and the sacrifices made by the Italians, should convince everyone not to take risks under the spot. The President of the Republic Mattarella is right when he tells that denial minority that nobody can afford to make others sick, “says Boccia.


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