A 46-year-old girl fell into a canal and was dragged by the current


In Brescia a woman falls into a canal, is dragged by the current and dies drowned. This is what happened in Brescia to a 46-year-old woman, whose body was recovered one kilometer away from the point where it fell into the waters of the Fusia canal. A 52 year old Romanian saw the lifeless body of the woman floating in the canal and immediately dived to try and help her. Unfortunately, however, there was already nothing for her to do.

Brescia, woman falls into a canal

The tragedy took place before the eyes of her husband and three young children, with whom the woman had gone near the roggia Fusia for a trip all together. The carabinieri of the Chiari and Palazzolo company, who arrived at the place where the corpse was found, reconstructed the story. The woman was with three children and her husband in Ripa del Bosco, when she suddenly slipped into the channel, which is very large and navigable and which starts from Lake Iseo. In a few minutes the 46-year-old was dragged away by the current in front of the eyes of her husband and children.

His body was found by a man of Roman nationality near the locality Sgraffigna, one kilometer away from the accident site. The man immediately dived into the water to help the woman, but despite the timely intervention there was nothing more for her to do. 118 rescuers arrived at the site, who could not help but ascertain the death. The message of condolence from Luigi Vezzoli, mayor of Capriolo, where the woman lived with her family, immediately arrived on the scene of the tragedy. “I ideally embrace Sara’s family in my name and all the citizens who knew and respected her”Were the words of the mayor.


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