A family sues La Timone hospital for a misdiagnosis


A family has launched an appeal against the Marseille hospital of La Timone for misdiagnosis, reports France Bleu Provence Sunday August 2. Doctors had estimated that their little boy had cystic fibrosis, a genetic and incurable disease, a diagnosis denied by other doctors in Toulouse.

The medical course of this child starts in 2017, he is born very premature after six months of pregnancy. Nathaël has multiple disabilities, and doctors from La Timone also diagnose cystic fibrosis “based on two out of five tests”, says Father Thierry. He claims that his son has “also had a genetic test which turned out negative for cystic fibrosis. But at the time, we had not been informed”.

“We should never have come to this”

The mother, who was then pregnant again, fears for her future child and decides to have an abortion. The couple also make the decision to move to Toulouse so that their son “receive the best treatments”. In Toulouse, Nathaël takes a series of exams again, the results of these new tests are final: the boy does not have cystic fibrosis. “For us, it was hard to take … On the one hand, it takes a load off us, but on the other, we say to ourselves that we should never have come to this”, says the father.

The couple (…)

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