A historical TVE correspondent responds to a tweet by Girauta and he replies by telling his father


He Newscast the TVE had to apologize and rectify a chart released this Friday in the 3:00 pm edition where you could see the -18.5% drop in GDP due to the coronavirus at the same height as the -2.6% drop of the 2008 financial crisis.

TVE graph of the fall in GDP. (Photo: TVE)

The image was widely criticized on social networks and hours later rectified and explained as “an error” that the public chain regretted and corrected:

Another graph was also highly criticized, this time published on its Twitter account, where the fall in Spanish GDP is at the same level as the fall in German GDP, which fell 8 points less.

But some, like the ex-deputy of Ciudadanos Juan Carlos GirautaThis was so outrageous that there was no other option: “Trilero graphics. Take a good look at them. Due to the closure of RTVE ”, he wrote on his Twitter account this Friday.

A message that has been forcefully answered by José Ramón Patterson, historical correspondent for TVE in Brussels, who responded with these two tweets to the former MP:

“If 6,000 people deserve to be out of work by mistake, what fate should await a political opportunist who has gone through parties as disparate as the PSC, PP and Cs? A mistake, certainly serious, that TVE corrected and for which he apologized in the second edition of the Newscast. “

Answer to which Girauta has replied mentioning the journalist’s father:

“Opportunist your lord father. I pay him his salary and his early retirement. In return, you contribute nothing but poisoning. For the closure of RTVE “


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