“A pause in my career”


Amid the expectation for the meeting that could define the return to training in Argentina, Rosario Central released an unexpected news for most: Marco Ruben will not renew his contract or play professional football in the remainder of 2020.

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The 33-year-old forward, who had returned to the Canalla in January after being transferred to Athletico Paranaense from Brazil, gave no details of why he made that decision Nor did he give details of his future, leaving open the possibility of retirement.

“I want to formalize my decision not to play professional football during the remainder of this year 2020. Although I feel this as a pause in my career, time and circumstances will tell if this pause is final or not”, Ex-River and Villarreal, among other clubs, explained in a statement that Central spread through their social networks, adding: “At the end of my contract in June, I had not made this decision. In order not to generate uncertainty and hinder the assembly of the team, at that time I informed Central not to consider me. This is a personal, family and life decision, where the post-pandemic soccer situation has great weight in it “.

Finally, he left a message for the fans: “I do not live this as a farewell, but I feel it appropriate to thank for these years spent together, which were undoubtedly the most important in my life as a footballer.”


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