a regional train threatened to derail


It could have had a much more serious epilogue the crazy gesture of a 21-year-old Tunisian boy, on a Sunday morning in August with hundreds of tourists traveling. The young, multi-prejudiced, in an evident state of agitation, devastated the Ostia Parmense (Parma) railway station, and then threw some barriers on the tracks with the aim of implement the derailment of a regional train. The event was avoided only thanks to the timely intervention of Carabinieri and Polfer: from there it was close to the finish line a regional train direct from Savona towards Parma which, however, has been blocked by the judicial authorities.

Tunisian launches barriers on the tracks

The events have occurred Sunday 2 August at 7:18 am: the alarm was raised by a citizen of Ostia Parmense who contacted 112 denouncing the presence of a Tunisian in an evident state of agitation. The men of the Company of Borgo Val di Taro.

At the sight of the military, however, the non-EU citizen, in a fury, completely lost his head: as reported in the local chronicles, in fact, in addition to shattered a glass door, destroyed an obliterator then thrown into the square in front of the railway station in the province of Parma and heavily damaged the display board with train timetables.

In addition, the Tunisian had launched three metal barriers in the middle of the tracks, risking the derailment of a regional train. At that moment, in fact, a train was arriving from Savona to Parma.

Salvini’s comment

Also Matteo Salvini commented on the news on Twitter: “Tragedy touched in Parma, where a 21-year-old Tunisian devastated the station and tried to derail a train! Without words. Honor to the heroic carabiniere who threw himself on the tracks to remove the hurdles thrown by the offender, being injured “.


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