A scientist from Valencia removes consciences by showing the conditions in which he works: the image is bleak


In the midst of the coronavirus, the role of scientists and their working conditions have become an issue of interest to both the public and a certain political class that has been hit with reality.

A reality that has wanted to show Daniel Pellicer Roig, a scientist from Valencia specialized in biotechnology, who has shared with his followers on Twitter the conditions in which you work in your laboratory.

″ That science in Spain does not have sufficient funding to be leading? You complain about vice “, wrote Pellicer in a tweet in which it shows an ancient computer, which some have identified with a NEC PowerMate 386 / 33i.

A message that has caused outrage among many, who do not understand how Spanish scientists have to work in these conditions. Pellicer explained that the equipment works well because “it does what it has to do” and because “the spectrophotometer connected to the computer continues to work”.


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