a summer to discover yourself in the bustling streets of Madrid


What to do in Madrid in the middle of August when the locals flee the sweltering heat of the city? For Eva, the answer is simple: summer is the ideal time to discover yourself. The expectations of society are lowered and living without worrying about external judgments becomes easier. In Eva in august, the Spanish director Jonás Trueba takes us on Eva’s journey, a story filled with encounters that does not escape a few lengths.

A lonely summer

Eva has lived in Madrid since birth. The summer of his 33 years, all his friends go on vacation, leaving behind the ardor of the Spanish capital. Eva decides to treat herself to a month of August alone and goes to live for several days in a friend’s apartment. In the streets of Madrid, the atmosphere is festive and the tourists still numerous. Every year, during the first half of August, the city celebrates Saints Cayetano, Lorenzo and the Virgin of Paloma. Street concerts, popular balls and processions: it’s time to party.

In her new apartment, Eva contemplates the ceiling for a long time, lying on her bed. She watches passers-by and parades from her window. She ventures outside, walks into the city aimlessly, letting herself be carried away by what she sees. In a museum, down (…)

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