Abascal begins a thread with “reasons” for the censure motion and after two days he has only written two


The leader of the far-right Vox formation, Santiago Abascal, announced from the rostrum of Congress that his party will present a motion of censure against the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

“Spanish society demands and deserves much more from all of us”, Abascal said, who assured that he had “no choice” but to present it. Of course, “in the month of September.”

The far-right leader encouraged “all the deputies and groups from all parties who believe that we still have time to prevent Spain from falling into ruin, death and oppression”.

Two days after this announcement, Abascal started on his Twitter account a “thread” with “motives for the motion”.

Started it with this message on Friday 31 at 12:22 p.m., on the “economic tragedy” that, according to the far-right leader, Spain has “because of the government’s management.”

A thread that stayed in that message throughout Friday and throughout Saturday.

Finally on Sunday, shortly before 11:00 in the morning, came the second “reason” from Abascal to present a motion of censure: a message about the recession to which the Vox leader added “the world’s worst health data” and “the world’s largest restrictions on freedom.”

Will there be more messages?


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