According to WHO, the Covid epidemic will last a long time


The emergency committee convened by the WHO director general said that the pandemic of coronavirus will be very long and therefore serve long-term efforts and a sustained response at local and global level.

WHO: “Very long coronavirus pandemic”

After expressing appreciation for the response efforts by WHO and its partners, he highlighted the expected long duration of the health crisis which, although occurring once a century, leaves its effects felt for decades to come. In front ofincrease in cases worldwideTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reiterated that the pandemic is still an international public health emergency.

He pointed out that many countries that believed they had overcome the worst now have to contend with new outbreaks and like others, less affected in the first few weeks, they see their balance grow cases and deaths.

The Emergency Committee re-convened within three months or sooner then formulated a series of recommendations both for the World Health Organization and for the Member States. Among the objectives is to ensure one effective response and at the same time of accelerate the search for diagnoses, therapies and vaccines. To do this he called on countries to allocate funding ad hoc and to join efforts to ensure that everyone has access to medicines and vaccines. Another tip is to watch over citizens by enacting specific rules for those returning from countries at risk.


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