Adrien Taquet announces the creation of a commission on sexual violence against children


The Secretary of State in charge of childhood and Families, Adrien Taquet, announces the creation in the fall of a “independent commission on sexual violence do to children “, in interview at Sunday newspaper (JDD), Saturday August 1.

This instance, “with its own budget, will be composed of magistrates, doctors, psychologists and sociologists”, on the model of that set up by the Catholic Church, specifies Adrien Taquet. It will be created during the States General of Child Protection, which must give rise to measures before November 20.

“Our model is the Sauvé commission on child crime in the Church. This new independent body will be centered essentially on the family circle, which concentrates 80% of violence, and must first allow us to better understand the phenomenon”, he says.

A bill for “unified steering”

“Incest is the last of the taboos. The only large-scale study, carried out in the United States, estimated that 6% of the American population had been a victim. Transposed to France, this would correspond to 4 million people”, estimates the Secretary of State.

We need to make it clear as a society that impunity for sexual relations with minors is over.

Adrien Taquet

in the “Sunday newspaper”

“It’s too easy to (…)

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