After Rugy and Castaner, Bergé candidate for the presidency of the LaREM group at the Assembly


“We have often doubted. Some have left, others no longer come: this must clearly and collectively challenge us,” said the deputy in a letter to her colleagues.

Yvelines MP Aurore Bergé formalized her candidacy for the presidency of the majority group in the Assembly on Saturday, in a message that AFP obtained. After François de Rugy and ex-Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner, she is the third to have declared herself in view of the succession of Gilles Le Gendre, criticized internally and who will leave office at the start of the school year.

The ballot is scheduled for September 9 and 10 to unveil the result at the opening of the parliamentary days LaREM, organized in Amiens on the 10 and 11 of the same month. Like Christophe Castaner the day before, she said she “wanted” to be president of the group, in a letter to her colleagues at the end of the parliamentary session in the Assembly.

“Erase personal fights” for the collective

“We have often doubted. Some have left, others no longer come: this must clearly and collectively challenge us”, adds the candidate, with particular reference to the two new groups in the Assembly joined by LaREM deputies.

“You know where I come from. But if I chose precisely to leave the right, it is not so that the ideas of the conservative right will prevail!” but to “build something else, other ideas, other methods”, added this former Juppeist known close to the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

She also says she wants to defend a group “which erases its personal fights for the benefit of the only fights that are worthy: those of our collective”.

Gilles Le Gendre disowned

Aurore Bergé is one of the deputies critical of the presidency of Gilles Le Gendre, weakened by departures over time from elected representatives of the LaREM group, until the formation in May of a 9th political group on the left wing then a 10th on the right wing, causing the loss of absolute majority in LaREM.

Gilles Le Gendre, 62, was destabilized in early June after the leak in the press of a “note” to Emmanuel Macron on a cabinet reshuffle, in which he seemed to plead for a change of Prime Minister, then Edouard Philippe, and proposed – which he denies – a new government casting.

With him, it is the entire management team of the group, some 25 MPs he had chosen, who will have to leave. This reorganization could coincide with changes at the head of the presidential party.

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