Again all ICE sprinters in action


The route between Berlin and Munich is one of the busiest long-distance rail connections. Now passengers get to their destination much faster.

Berlin (dpa) – Since Saturday, travelers can travel more often under four hours from Berlin to Munich or in the opposite direction.

The railways increased the number of these connections of the ICE Sprinter from two to five and thus increased the offer back to the level before the Corona crisis, as the federally-owned company announced. In the meantime, the railroad had completely removed the connection from the timetable. The route is one of the group’s busiest long-distance connections.

ICE sprinters run on several connections between German cities and reach their destination faster than normal ICE. The sprinter routes also include Berlin-Frankfurt and Düsseldorf-Stuttgart. The shorter travel times result from a high proportion of high-speed routes and fewer stops on the way.


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