against Apple, Garmin bets on golf


A connected watch that acts as a virtual caddy for the golfer. The American manufacturer Garmin is releasing the Marq Golfeur this summer. Aiming at a high-end audience, it relies on the expertise it can provide to the player: advice on which clubs to use depending on the location on each course, taking into account the player’s history in order to improve performance, or even wind speed and direction. “The watch knows you and learns what kind of shots you make with a 7 iron for example, develops Eric Bernard, general manager of Garmin France. You can also consult the map of the course with the locations of the bunkers.”

If the bet may seem surprising, in reality golf is the first individual sport played in the world. According to the International Golf Federation, it is played by 90 million players around the world.

Offered at 1,850 euros, the Marcq Golfeur from Garmin is very clearly aimed at a high-end clientele, traditionally associated with the image of the golf practitioner. “We regularly release a golf watch, practically every year, adds Eric Bernard. This allows us to have a strong technological advance. Tag Heuer has also launched a golf watch (editor’s note at 2,400 euros). This is excellent news. for a prestigious brand to make the same choices as us, they see potential in it even if we have a fairly strong market share in this type of watch. ” Garmin highlights the autonomy of the watch, 12 days in connected mode and 28 hours in GPS as well as the 41,000 golf courses recorded on the wrist.


Despite strong competition from traditional smartphone manufacturers in connected accessories, Garmin has managed to do well according to the latest figures from Canalys. The American manufacturer, if it is not on the podium dominated by Apple, Huawei and Samsung in the first quarter of 2020, increases its market share from 5.9% to 7.3% in one year. “Garmin aug[…]


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