Alan Parker, director of “Midnight Escape” died


British director Alan Parker, author of films such as ‘Midnight Escape’, ‘They Will Be Famous’, ‘Mississippi Burning’ and ‘The Wall’, died at the age of 76. The family broke the news.

The director passed away today in London after a long illness. Nominated for two Oscars and a great protagonist at the Golden Globes and Bafta Awards, Parker was above all an eclectic, multifaceted director, capable of switching from musical films such as the iconic “The Wall” by Pink Floyd, in 1982, to ” Evita “from ’96 with Madonna in the role of the Argentine charismatic Eva Peron.

Music and images have always merged in the direction of Parker who considered this synergy a “very powerful” thing. Twice a step away from winning the Oscar, the British director had to surrender the honor, in ’79, to Michael Cimino with “The hunter” and, ten years later, in 1989, to Barry Levinson with “Rain Man “.

Five years ago he announced his retirement. “I was a director from the age of 24 – he explained – every day was a battle, every day was complicated, once to fight with the producer the next time with the studios. But I learned quickly, I went into the ring and I have been throwing punches all my life. Everyone who has worked with me knows that I fought to make the film we wanted to make in the end. “


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