“Aliens have built pyramids.” And Egypt gets angry


” The aliens built the pyramids. “Elon Musk tweets and Egypt gets angry. The American tycoon lit the fuse with a chirping in which he expressed a certainty:” The aliens built the pyramids, of course. ” The message, republished over 80 thousand times and appreciated by more than half a million users, has provoked the reaction of the Egyptian authorities. In particular, the reply of Rania A. Al Meshat, Minister for International Cooperation, has arrived. I work with a lot of admiration “, he wrote, inviting Musk to visit the archaeological sites to take a direct look at reality:” We are waiting for you “. Musk, in a series of successive tweets, has gradually corrected the shot. He started with a wink “Ramses II was” an alien, passing through “the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure made by men for 3800 years. Three thousand eight hundred years “, to get to share the link of a BBC article:” This BBC article explains how it was built “.


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