All sports – Federal elections: call to order from Gilles Quénéhervé, Director of Sports


With the federal election period approaching, the Director of Sports, Gilles Quénéhervé, recently made a point of framing the role of state agents. The election cycle will begin in a few weeks and, to prevent any slippage during the electoral campaigns, the Director of Sports Gilles Quénéhervé has firmly recalled the obligations of reserve and neutrality of state agents. He did so via a letter – or rather three – addressed to the national technical directors, to the sports technical advisers and, consequently, to the presidents of federations. The former vice-world champion in the 200m, Director of Sports since 2018, mentions in particular articles 4.3 and 5.1 of the code of ethics of State officials carrying out CTS missions with sports federations. “You will take particular care to show the greatest reserve in your personal comments, in particular on the policy followed by the ministry in charge of sports, its territorial bodies as well as the structures which are affiliated to it, during and outside the working time “, writes in particular the Director of Sports. read also Quénéhervé, an atypical course “Taking into account your duty of neutrality, you will take care not to take sides in the debates concerning the political and elective life of the federation and the structures which are affiliated to it, he continues. In order to meet these obligations […], you will be particularly vigilant in your communications in the digital media or during the various solicitations of the press organs. “ This call to order comes after rumors had circulated about the fact that certain technical executives intervened or “liked” or shared comments on campaign sites, suggesting that they were supporting such and such a candidate. Better safe than sorry, they say …


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