Antonia Dell’Atte calls Alessandro Lequio a “diabolical abuser”


The documentary ‘Blood ties’ has been the straw that has filled the glass for Antonia Dell’Atte, who has exploded on social networks for omitting important and hard things about her life, such as the relationship she had with Alessandro Lequio, the one who accuses him of being a “diabolical abuser”. In addition, she also pokes figures like Boris Izaguirre for covering this fact and sends a message to Ana Obregón.

The Italian has reacted to her ‘biopic’ with a post on his Instagram account in which he does not leave the puppet with his head. To begin with, he suggests that the first mistake of ‘Blood ties’ is related to his childhood, about which he stresses that he was “happy despite having had a weak and violent father”. The opposite appears in the documentary, the shadow of a sad and stormy childhood, with an abusive father, which has been denied by focusing on the only man she has been abused for is Alessandro Lequio.

The harshest criticism is directed at him, with whom she was married, and from whom He claims that he is “a diabolical abuser” who has “denounced in Spain”, but who has been protected by false publications in the press to “hide and manipulate” the truth.

In this sense, he points to important figures in the heart press such as Rosa Villacastín, Beatriz Cortázar, María Eugenia Yagüe and Boris Izaguirre, whom he calls ‘Pinocchio’, for knowing the truth and keeping silent. He attacks, in turn, against “all Mediaset Spain, which protects a true abuser.”

Furthermore, he concludes his attack with a ironic message to Ana Obregón: “Eternally grateful for having got rid of my executioner.”

30 years later and due to the issuance of ‘Blood ties’, Antonia considers that “the time has come to call things by their names”.

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