Around 15,000 people demonstrate in Berlin


Around 20,000 people demonstrate in the capital against the Corona requirements. There is little understanding in politics.

Demonstration train on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin.

Berlin (dpa) – Thousands of people protested against the corona measures in Berlin on Saturday with a demonstration train. The police assumed around 15,000 participants in the afternoon.

Despite the increasing number of infections, the demonstrators campaigned for an end to all conditions. According to the police, the hygiene requirements such as distance and mouth-nose protection were not observed. The police, however, proceeded with communicative measures such as loudspeaker announcements or individual speeches.

“The End of the Pandemic – Freedom Day”

People with mouth-nose protection were called out from the “Masks away” protest. There were no major incidents at first. Police units blocked off the protest march and counter-demonstrators in several places. Counter-demonstrators with the motto “Grandmas against the right” shouted “Nazis out” to the train, the saying echoed back.

The demonstrators showed signs and flags of various federal states. People resented their displeasure with the protective measures against the corona virus with whistles and calls for “freedom” or “resistance”. Slogans such as “The biggest conspiracy theory is the corona pandemic” were also heard.

The motto of the demonstration was “The End of the Pandemic – Freedom Day”. A propaganda film by Nazi icon Leni Riefenstahl about the party congress of the NSDAP in 1935 also bears the title “Freedom Day”. The initiative “lateral thinking 711” has repeatedly demonstrated in Stuttgart.

Political criticism

There was political incomprehension for the demo. The SPD leader Saskia Esken wrote on Twitter: «Thousands of #covidians celebrate in #Berlin as” the second wave “, without a gap, without a mask. They not only endanger our health, they endanger our successes against the pandemic and for the revitalization of the economy, education and society. Irresponsible!”

Brandenburg’s CDU parliamentary group leader Jan Redmann wrote on Twitter: «Again 1000 new infections / day and in Berlin is a demonstration against corona requirements? We can no longer afford this dangerous nonsense. »

Demonstration by the organizer declared after the police report

The organizers have declared the demonstration against the Corona measures to be over. The police confirmed this on Saturday. The police had previously filed a complaint. “Due to the non-compliance with the hygiene rules, a criminal complaint against the head of the assembly was prepared,” it said on Twitter.

At the time of the dissolution, the train had already reached its destination near the Brandenburg Gate. The police assumed “at the top” of around 17,000 participants. “We cannot confirm an exorbitantly higher number, which according to various tweets we have named.”

A subsequent rally was not initially affected.

VIDEO: Thousands of Corona deniers call “End of the Pandemic” in Berlin


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