“As the bridge grew, I saw ministers talk like they were at the bar”


AGI – “On this issue I see two years of mess: while the bridge continued to grow, I saw propaganda, proclamations, ambitions, ministers who spoke as if they were at the bar of situations of which they evidently did not know the complexity, promised things that apparently not they were able to maintain, replaced the magistrates in the summary exercise of justice which I never liked “.

The president of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, tells AGIon the eve of the inauguration of the new bridge which will actually be delivered to Aspi tomorrow. “For two years I have always been saying one thing – he adds – I don’t care at all about who will manage the highways in this country, as long as the Italians travel on safe and efficient highways. But to do this you need a country that works, where the prosecutors of the Republic and judges do justice, ministers fix infrastructure and make laws. “

“We always believed it and we said it under the rubble of that bridge, on August 14 of 2 years ago – Toti recalls – It had happened for about an hour and to journalists, with Mayor Bucci, we had said that the city was not on his knees, that we would have recovered soon and that, however immense the tragedy, would have become a flywheel of redemption: we did it “.

But the governor points out that it was not an exceptional undertaking: “We did what an administration must do: roll up our sleeves, take responsibility, not hide behind laws and quibbles, but face them with a constructive spirit, also with courage, because as usual there is always someone ready to criticize. mediocrity – says Toti to AGI – so much of this country is also good for us. The fact that in two years a bridge is made, when it seems to me that in the Himera viaduct in Sicily, to make a pylon it took 5 years, it makes some difference. Certainly not because of Sicilian faults: it is the fault of a system in this case “.

This is the crucial aspect for Toti: “The law was not made, the Infrastructure Control Agency was not put into operation. Frankly – he underlines – after the Genoa decree, which remains a great merit for many people , from Prime Minister Conte, to Deputy Minister Rixi, to Mayor Bucci, to the undersigned, and to all those who worked in those hot days of August, the topic of motorways was lived by pure propaganda and Liguria paid the costs. today – underlines the President of the Region – I am part of that problem unsolved by two ministers and two governments. I am very embittered, because we looked at likes on social networks and not on asphalt “.

“Mayor Bucci is right when he says that it is nothing extraordinary, except for the fact that in Italy these things do not happen. It should be normal, instead we celebrate exceptionality for widespread and atavistic faults, not for particular merits”.


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