Asselborn will rule out Turkey’s EU membership in the next 15 to 20 years


Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has given a clear rejection of the country’s rapid EU accession in view of the domestic developments in Turkey. “I assume that Turkey will not join the EU in the next 15 to 20 years,” said Asselborn of the newspaper “Die Welt” (Friday edition). The serious violations of human rights in Turkey prevented us from “even thinking about having Turkey’s entry into the EU in the back of our minds”.

The behavior of the Turkish government contradicts “fundamental European values”, emphasized Asselborn. The violation of democratic rights is “abstruse” and does not stop. Nevertheless, Asselborn spoke out against completely abolishing the accession negotiations between the EU and Turkey. The local elections last year had shown that there was a big democratic movement in the country. “We have to give hope to these people,” said the Luxembourg Foreign Minister.

It was only on Wednesday that the Turkish parliament decided to tighten control over the online networks. Among other things, the law stipulates that services such as Facebook and Twitter have a representative in Turkey and must store the data of their Turkish users on servers in the country.


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