assessments on assemblies 2019 and 2020


Yesterday, after the regular meeting of the shareholders of Cattolica Assicurazioni, on behalf of the Verona public prosecutor’s office and in relation to Consob’s inspections, the Guardia di Finanza carried out a search and acquisition of documentation at the corporate headquarters in Verona. . Some company representatives were also notified of guarantee information on the hypothesis of unlawful influence on the shareholders’ meeting. The company makes it known in a note, adding that the subject of the investigation are some meetings of the assembly itself, in particular those of 13 April 2019, 27 June 2020 and 31 July 2020.

In the note, Cattolica reaffirms the “absolute correctness and regularity of the shareholders’ meeting operations subject to the investigation”, specifying that the two meetings held in 2020 on which investigations are underway “took place with the intervention of an independent designated representative, Computershare Spa, and therefore through only IT collection and voting mechanisms and without the involvement of the company and its structures, hence the impossibility for these to intervene or affect the vote expressed by the shareholders “.

The company then announces that it has given “immediate and full collaboration to the investigative authority” and confirms “the absolute confidence in a prompt clarification of the position”, finally clarifying that “the resolutions taken at the meeting of 31 July 2020 are valid for in all respects “and that” the important operation with Generali will continue as planned “.


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