Australian state of Victoria tightened curfew in Melbourne


The Australian state of Victoria has declared the “disaster” due to the dramatic increase in corona infections and has tightened the curfew in Melbourne. A strict curfew will apply from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (local time) on Sunday evening, Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said. In addition, residents of Australia’s second largest city are only likely to do outdoor sports for an hour a day. In addition, only one person per household can go shopping every day.

The people of Melbourne should not be more than five kilometers from their home, said Andrews. The prime minister justified the increase in corona-related restrictions to level four with “unacceptably high” infection rates. The new regulations should remain in force until September 13th.

Weddings are also prohibited in the metropolis in the next six weeks, as Andrews said. During the first wave of contagion in Australia, the authorities had limited wedding celebrations to five guests. Andrews said that strict measures are needed to prevent the pandemic from dragging on “for months and months.”

Most schools and universities in Melbourne are scheduled to return to online classes on Thursday. Childcare centers will then also remain closed. Additional restrictions, such as those for businesses, would be announced on Monday, Andrews said.

For all residents of Victoria outside of Melbourne, a level 3 curfew will apply at midnight on Wednesday. People are then only allowed to leave their homes to go to work, school, university or doctor and to do essential shopping.

The authorities in Victoria reported 671 new infections with the novel coronavirus and seven deaths on Sunday. The metropolis of Melbourne is hardest hit in the state. There has been a curfew in a milder form for three weeks now. In mid-July, the metropolis was the first city in Australia to impose a general mask requirement.


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