awaiting renewal 13 million workers, it is a record


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – 61.6% of national collective bargaining agreements have expired on 30 June 2020. The agreements awaiting renewal are 576 out of 935 “.

This is what emerges from the 11th periodic report of the collective agreements of the Cnel.

“Pending the contract renewal, there are over 10 million private workers (79.2%) who rise to more than 13 million if the approximately 3.2 million public employees are added. The sectors concerned concern agriculture, floriculture and flower growing, chemists, metalworkers (the only one whose negotiations are underway), textiles and fashion, commerce and commercial agents, show business workers, Rai, transport and logistics, seafarers, banking, health care, “reads the Report.

“Never in the past has there been such a figure. The renewal of contracts is the priority for the restarting of the economy above all because the pandemic has imposed an acceleration to change in the work and organization of businesses that cannot be ignored account. There is an urgent need to reason together with the definition of common elements, new rights, such as training, or the rules of agile work, to be included in the bargaining. Cnel is the natural location for the new contract season, “said President Cnel Tiziano Treu.

During the last year, the 885 contracts recorded in the ninth Report of June 2019 have gone from 922 to the national collective agreements of the tenth Report of 31 December 2019, to reach the current 935, with an increase of 50 new contracts filed in the Archive in a year (+ 6%). Based on the documents filed, 51 contracts expired in the first 6 months of 2020, 16 in June alone. A further 60 contracts will expire in the next 6 months. (Continued)


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