Bank robbery in Berlin-Neukölln: SEK searches Karstadt


Fright on Friday afternoon: In a bank branch in Berlin, strangers try to loot money and spray irritant gas. Many questions remain unanswered at first.

Berlin (dpa) – You flee with a car, but without booty: Four men raided a Postbank branch in a department store on Friday afternoon in Berlin-Neukölln.

Previously, they tried to snatch money from a member of a money transporter crew, police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said in the evening. According to him, the robbers also use irritant gas. According to the police, an ATM was about to be refilled in the bank branch. However, the employee of the money transport company resisted the robbers, so that they finally pulled out.

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According to the police, twelve injuries were treated after the attack. According to the fire department, four of them came to the hospital for outpatient care. The injured are said to be bank customers. The police and fire department received the emergency call at 1.30 p.m.

The police did not assume an acute danger

The traditional department store on Hermannplatz was cordoned off with a red and white ribbon. More than a dozen police cars came together, officers with bulletproof vests posted themselves, and special forces searched the building. At first there was contradicting information from witnesses. Some wanted to see robbers fled to the multi-storey department store, others said they ran outside. The police did not initially assume an acute danger. The standard sentence came from Cablitz: “We investigate in all directions.”

The robbers and the getaway car – a dark Audi – were searched for in the evening. “We have descriptions of the perpetrators,” said the police spokesman. Meanwhile, the investigators have found out that the license plate and vehicle do not match.

Behind the barriers stood onlookers. Traffic jammed in Berlin on this hot afternoon. But nobody saw anything in the shops across from the entrance. “It was surprisingly quiet,” said a kiosk worker. They only noticed it when the police arrived.

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