between genius and madness, we tried to unravel the Kanye West mystery


“Name one genius that ain’t crazy” (“name me a genius who is not mad”). In the title Feedback, which appears on the album The Life of Pablo (2016), Kanye West evokes two characteristics which are regularly associated with it: genius and madness. His 10th album, titled Donda (the first name of his deceased mother), was due out on Friday July 24. But instead, his fans were treated to another demonstration of his mental fragility, on Twitter, where he claimed to want to divorce Kim Kardashian and scratched his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, nicknamed “Kris Jong-Un” to compare her to the North Korean dictator. Another uncontrolled slip after a first campaign meeting for the rambling US presidential election.

The 43-year-old artist-producer-rapper-fashion designer has as many supporters as he has detractors. A major pop culture figure, married, since 2014, with a star even more in the light than him, Kim Kardashian, icon of social networks and reality TV, Kanye West has made the occupation of media space a priesthood. He does (…)

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