between the mole and a player’s case …


It was February 2018, two and a half years ago. That is the moment to which it refers Antonio Conte when he talks about a video by Luciano Spalletti, received in these days and linked precisely to an old outburst of the former Inter coach regarding the situation of the club. Because on that occasion, Spalletti had thundered against the inside of society: “Here at Inter there is a mole, someone talks to journalists “, Luciano had not sent them to say by lighting a case because too much news – from the field and beyond – filtered through the Appiano Gentile.

That same video was received by Conte these days and Antonio signed it. “Two years later nothing has changed”, the reference is clear. Because the current coach still thinks that there are those who filter news, he does not feel protected and has said it clearly, but above all he does not accept that problems may constantly emerge off the field of his players. It almost goes to the direct challenge. Because while the club announces sanctions for Brozovic, Conte ranks it. But be careful: the case of the Croatian with the news that comes out continuously on his account does not come back, it is an example to which Antonio refers. Why do some news always come up on some Inter players and don’t happen in other clubs? The recent example makes noise, Conte does not like this constant media exposure. As Spalletti said, the mole was there. And Conte is convinced there is still.


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