Bolivia closes its school year due to the increase in cases of COVID-19


La Paz, Aug 2 (EFE) .- Bolivia decided this Sunday to close the school year due to the increase in cases due to COVID-19, something that implies promotion to higher levels of schooling, discarding the application of the distance modality.

“There is no other way out than to close the school year,” said the acting Minister of the Presidency, Yerko Núñez, in an appearance before the media in Santa Cruz.

The decision is due to the intention of the interim government to defend “the life, health and integrity of students, teachers and parents, and of society as a whole,” he said.

Based on this determination, Núñez specified that school management was completed on July 31 and that the decision “applies” as of this Monday, something that also affects distance classes via the Internet, which should not impart.

“The vast majority in rural areas do not have internet,” in addition to that fiber optics “unfortunately only reaches the cities,” was the explanation offered by Núñez to justify that remote sessions will not be offered either.

The internal minister also pointed out that the closure of the management of studies implies that “there are no failures” and that the salary of teachers dependent on the State will continue to be paid in the remaining months of the year.

The interim government and the urban and rural teachers unions have held conflicting positions for several weeks on educational criteria in a pandemic.

Several groups of teachers have proposed that face-to-face classes be resumed due to the limitations of Internet access and considering that the costs for this service affect populations with less resources.

“That means a serious risk to the health and life of children,” the minister sentenced on the demand that the classroom classes return.

Bolivia faced several weeks ago the increase in infections by COVID-19, which has so far left 3,064 deaths and 78,793 confirmed cases since the detection of the first infections, last March.

The forecasts of the health authorities establish that the period of greatest risk from contagions will only come in late August and early September.

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