Bolivian soccer’s popular ‘Chancho’ is gone Ayaviri


There is mourning in Bolivian soccer for the irreparable loss of Eliseo Ayaviri, a soccer player who demonstrated his conditions in the 1980s and who lost his life this Friday.

Ayaviri died this Friday morning of cardiac arrest, as reported by his family who accompanied him until the last day of his life.

Known for “el Chancho” – a nickname that he never disliked – Ayaviri starred in several memorable games either at Municipal or at The Strongest, the club that launched him to stardom.

Many remember him for his charisma and for his humility, he was always kind to people and offered his help to those who needed him.

After leaving football, Ayaviri dedicated himself to technical management and training players, he was part of clubs such as Litoral, ABB and Always Ready where he transmitted his knowledge to the youngest.

Ayaviri died in La Paz at the age of 64, leaving one more black ribbon in Bolivian soccer.


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